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Brick, stone, and other concrete materials offer a great style and functionality to your living space. They are sturdy, but with the gradual passing of time, they tend to develop breaks, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear. This is where an establishment like The Brick Doctor steps in to help you. We are licensed professionals in this field of brick masonry repair and its related services who greatly take care of your structure.

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We specialize in addressing various issues related to brickwork, including crack repairs and general masonry restoration. Our skilled team of brick masons is dedicated to restoring the integrity and beauty of your brick structures. With years of experience and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we are here to provide effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The versatility of brick masonry allows it to be used in different settings, home or commercial buildings. We customize our services according to property requirements so that we can find the best solution.

We work with high-quality bond materials and patterns for brick construction, such as English bond, heather bond, stretcher bond, Dutch bonds, etc., to retain the aesthetic nature of your property.

The advantages of brick structures compared to other building materials led to their popularity. They are free from accidental fire and other hazards. It requires minimum maintenance. Brick does not need any coating as its color sustains for many years. It has a classic charm.

The brick works masonry

The signs of brick decay are not always visible. Sometimes there could be hidden signs, and you may be unaware of them. This is where you need a masonry specialist to do the necessary to protect the structure. Whether it is crack repair, mortar joint repair, brick replacements, and water proofing and sealant application, our technicians handle them well.

They identify and repair the cracks, carefully remove deteriorated mortar and replace it with fresh mortar, ensuring a secure and durable bond between the bricks, and replace the damaged or broken bricks to restore the overall aesthetics and structural integrity of the wall. Additionally, we protect the brickwork from moisture, water penetration, and subsequent damage by waterproofing solutions and sealants.

Brick Wall Crack Repair Suggestion

The deterioration of mortar causes the displacement of bricks. When you see your bricks are not aligned or out of the setting, you should take this seriously; otherwise, it could cause permanent damage to your structure. Two types of displacement are seen, usually inward and outward. The first involves replacing the internal structure, while the latter involves a complete overhauling of the affected areas.

Spalls are another phenomenon found in walls caused by temperature changes and excess water deposition in the walls, resulting in the scrapping of tiny pieces of brick. If this happens, you should immediately call for an inspection.

Water leakage, often difficult to detect, is another potential cause for damaged bricks. Only professionals can spot it in the first place.

Sometimes a minor break can result in an extensive scale repair. This depends on the severity of the damage. So to ensure the good health of your property, feel free to contact us for brick wall crack repair.